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Jesse’s Lawn Care was started in 2011, as a way for a 14-year-old to make a little extra money. Jesse started out with just one push mower, and a couple of neighbors as his customers. Slowly over the years, he started gaining more and more customers. At 16, he purchased his first riding mower -a snapper. At just 18 years old, he was growing into a large local lawn care business. He was just advertising on Facebook at the time and ordered his first set of yard signs in 2016. He also expanded the business to lawn care and pressure washing in 2016. In 2017, the first billboard went up at the triangle in Carrollton, Ga.

“If it’s messy, call Jesse,” is the slogan that can be seen on any yard sign, billboard, website, T-shirt, sticker, coaster, or vehicle that we have. Jesse’s business has many respectable and hard-working employees that do an amazing job for our customers.

Messy Call Jesse, LLC, formally known as Jesse’s Lawn Care and Pressure Washing of West GA, LLC has only grown since. The company now offers services including pressure washing, gutter cleaning, lawn care, junk removal, tree removal, painting, and more. There have been around 3,000 yard signs ordered so far, and around 20 billboards. We currently service around 100 biweekly customers, and we also do service calls for non-contract customers. We have serviced 1,000’s of pressure washing clients and 100’s of gutter cleaning clients. We service the majority of West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and East Alabama areas currently.

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